High Polished


High Polished

The last word in authenticity, the Polished finish from Carrières du Hainaut features a uniform colour, from dark grey to bright black, as well as the authentic blue stone fossils (crinoids, shells…).

Highly decorative, it offers a smooth, bright and reflective surface, which is exclusively for internal use, i.e. wall decorations, sideboards, seating, window sills and other sculpted elements. Avoid using on the floor where its ‘Highly Polished’ surface makes it slippery and prone to scratching in busy walkways, where it will lose its sparkle. 


Available in: Tiles and slabs

Use Indoor wallFurniture
Min. thickness: 1.5 cm
Max. thickness: 10 cm
Slipperiness index: <35 (NBN EN 14231)