About us

The Carrières du Hainaut, a solid partnership

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Carrière du Hainaut bluestone quarry

About us

The Carrières du Hainaut, a solid partnership

For more than 135 years, Carrières du Hainaut has been extracting this unique and authentic stone from the Belgian ground. Its incomparable quality has earned it worldwide acclaim. By encouraging their teams’ skills and knowledge and constantly improving their tools, the company has become Europe’s largest ornamental limestone quarry.


Our stone

From nature. From here.

Blue Limestone of Hainaut, from the Belgian subsoil, is a natural, authentic material whose origins dates back 350 million years, when our regions were submerged by a tropical sea.

Blue stone is a durable product par excellence: It is easy to maintain, solid, durable and timeless, and further enhanced with the patina of time. It does not deteriorate and retains its properties and charm. It is exceptionally long-lasting. Only the most beautiful stones deserve your attention. At Carrières du Hainaut the selection procedures are strict, rigorous and uncompromising. This outstanding quality label is your best guarantee.


(Eco)-responsible production

Blue stone is the result of a long extraction and transformation process, which is carried out at a single site in Soignies, Belgium. This is unique in the large-volume sector (200,000 cubic metre/year) and is aimed at reducing as much as possible our production’s ecological footprint. Carrières du Hainaut is committed to offering a natural stone and an outstanding quality service, in respect of the environment. Their working methods ensure responsible handling, where safety is paramount.

What we stand for


A high quality product

As with all noble materials, meticulous work is required to fully reveal the mineral. No stone without cutting, no cutting without selection. Carrières du Hainaut craft their products following rigorous selection of the material. Each stone has been carefully chosen, worked and finished to enhance your interior, exterior or façade. Only stones that have successfully passed the very selective sorting procedures deserve the Carrières du Hainaut quality label.


A craft in the rules of art

Blue Limestone of Hainaut also symbolises age-old know-how that guarantees quality and perpetuation of local employment. The blue limestone sector is a very specific one. Carrières du Hainaut relies heavily on the unique know-how and expertise of their teams and distribution network. By participating in the ‘Centre de Formation aux Métiers de la Pierre’ (CEFOMEPI - training centre), Carrières du Hainaut make sure their personnel undergo continuous training and ensuring the sustainability of the craftsmanship.


A local and natural stone with low environmental impact

Natural blue stone from nature, is not ‘produced’. It is cut and processed in an entirely mechanical manner without any chemical or toxic additives. Carrières du Hainaut is committed to offering a high-quality natural stone as part of a sustainable and responsible approach to promoting local resources.


Innovation & development

Here at Carrières du Hainaut we always listen to the latest market needs and trends. That is why we continuously push boundaries of stone techniques and stonemasonry and constantly develop new products and technical solutions. Continuous investment in new state-of-the-art techniques and tools opens many doors for the R&D team to combine and create many innovative and exclusive finishes.


A reliable and solid partner

The quarries’ extraction and production capacity are such that they can meet the most challenging and demanding requests in terms of quantity with relatively short delivery times. Carrières du Hainaut offers creative and technical assistance to architects, design offices and designers, based on their projects. The commercial team guides stonecutter and marble cutter towards the most appropriate solutions from a technical, aesthetic and budgetary point of view. The latter also form a network of distributors with acknowledged know-how to assist individuals in carrying out their projects and help them make the right choices.


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Total bluestone production in Soignies

Belgian production80%
World production60%




Member of the SIGMAROC group

Carrières du Hainaut is part of the SigmaRoc industrial group, a company specialised in the building materials sector. Its strategy aims to preserve, strengthen and improve the activity of its subsidiaries by capitalising on their local roots in order to ensure the strongest possible position in their markets for the community, investors, customers and suppliers. This alliance offers new development perspectives and secures the financing necessary for the implementation of the expansion project and the sustainability of local business and employment. It will also enable the "Carrières du Hainaut" brand to reinforce the position of the beautiful Blue Limestone of Hainaut on international markets.