Bluestone thresholds and sills

Create an elegant transition with Belgian Blue Stone thresholds

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A bluestone threshold is a gift for many generations

A threshold made of blue limestone, also known as bluestone, gives your house timeless elegance. Whether you build your house in modern or classic architecture, bluestone thresholds are always elegant. Natural stone will remain beautiful for generations and never goes out of fashion. Tresholds made of bluestone are therefore a valuable investment for the future. It doesn't get any more sustainable!

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With which facade should you combine your bluestone threshold?

We've got good news: you can combine bluestone thresholds literally with all materials. They match perfectly with all doors and windows and – even more important – with all facades! Do you love a brick facade, would you go for plasterwork or wholeheartedly choose wood? You can, by the way, have your facade integrally or partly tiled in bluestone. Blue limestone simply feels completely at home in combination with other natural materials. 


A bluestone threshold will always stand the test of time

Belgian bluestone is very dense and therefore impregnable. Which means a bluestone threshold is resilient like no other. Bluestone can stand bad weather, big temperature differences and frost. It would seem to have eternal life! Did you know that you can hardly hear falling raindrops on a bluestone threshold? In marked contrast with some other materials, they give you blissful peace and quiet.


A warm welcome thanks to a bluestone threshold

The tresholds of your house immediately determine the first impression it makes. Thresholds made of bluestone exude an air of total quality and luxury and provide a warm welcome at the door. It won't surprise you that bluestone thresholds substantially increase the value of your house in the real estate market. On top of which, your bluestone threshold can meet any challenge. Feel free to lean your bike against it, place your heavy shopping bag or your dripping-wet umbrella on it and don't worry when your cat trips across your threshold with dirty feet. The stone is scratch-resistant and will look as new after a quick clean-up with water.


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Sclyped finishSclyped
  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoDesign Tile finishEnoDesign
  • Bluestone Chiseled finishOld Cut
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