A sink in bluestone

Belgian Blue Stone sinks: a fusion of style and functionality

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A sink in bluestone is always love at first sight. It goes particularly well with a kitchen counter in the same material, creating a beautiful, harmonious ensemble full of character, with a particularly luxurious feel. What's more, limescale deposits will subtly mix with the colour shades of this limestone.


Create harmony with a sink in bluestone

A sink in bluestone makes life in the kitchen so much more pleasant. Not only is this authentic natural material a feast for the eyes, it is also extremely durable. With a sink in bluestone, your kitchen will not only look finished down to the smallest details, it will also exude character and timeless sophisticati


Why choose Hainaut blue stone for your sink?

Combine your sink with a kitchen counter in bluestone

A sink in bluestone goes particularly well with a kitchen counter in the same material. The two elements can even blend into each other seamlessly. That way, you create a beautiful ensemble which combines minimalism and luxury.

Just as for your kitchen counter, you can choose a smooth bluestone, such as blue honed, or a finish with a slight relief effect, such as the authentic EnoTouch or blue flamed. The choice is yours!


Bluestone and water: the perfect match

The origins of bluestone lie deep in the sea. So it comes as no surprise that bluestone is perfectly waterproof. Would you like to protect your sink from other liquids as well? Then you can always have it pre-treated with an oil-resistant product, for example. Good to know: If stains do appear on your stone, they are always superficial. Bluestone is impenetrable, so the stains disappear after a while through frequent use.


Limescale on bluestone? No problem!

A sink in bluestone is a real boon for the kitchen - especially for the people who need to keep it ship-shape. When you opt for certain finishes such as EnoTouch or blue flamed, limescale deposits from the water will blend seamlessly with the colour shades of your sink.


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoTouch finishEnoTouch
  • Bluestone EnoPasso finishEnoPasso
  • Bluestone Dark Blue Honed Skirting tile finishDark Blue Honed
  • Bluestone Light Blue Honed finishLight Blue Honed