A bluestone kitchen floor

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A bluestone floor is ideal if your kitchen is constantly buzzing with activity. Discover all the different styles you can choose from, learn more about maintenance and the many possibilities a bluestone kitchen floor offers.


A bluestone floor is ideal if your kitchen is constantly buzzing with activity

Bluestone is an excellent material for the kitchen. It’s not only perfect for kitchen countertops (as bluestone is resistant to stains, water and more), but makes for ideal kitchen floors as well. If you’re planning to make your kitchen the heart of your home, you simply can’t go wrong with a bluestone floor. Read on to learn all about the versatility of this natural material! 

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Why choose Hainaut blue stone for your kitchen floor?

Carefree living thanks to a bluestone kitchen floor

Nobody likes to spend time in a kitchen where the slightest spill (or someone forgetting to take off their muddy shoes) automatically leads to hours of cleaning. Fortunately, bluestone is non-porous. That means it doesn’t absorb liquids and stains can always be removed – super handy for kitchens, where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

In addition, bluestone feels soft and warm to the touch – the material retains the temperature of its environment – so you can walk around your kitchen barefoot without a care in the world. In short, with a bluestone floor, your family gets to enjoy a lovely kitchen for years to come.


Bluestone kitchen floors: both rustic and contemporary

Bluestone is not only extremely versatile in terms of applications (the material is suitable for almost any space), but also in terms of style. At Carrières du Hainaut, you’ll find a wide array of bluestone tiles with all kinds of different looks. EnoStyl clear tiles, for example, are ideal if you’re fond of rural interiors and looking to create a cosy retro atmosphere. If you prefer modern interiors, our EnoSkin finish is ideal (and perfectly suitable for your garden as well). Furthermore, EnoPasso, Light Blue Honed and EnoLuce are stylish options, too. You’ll notice that the latter even comes with a non-slip finish, which keeps you from worrying if you have small children running around.


Combine your bluestone floor with underfloor heating

Are you considering combining a bluestone kitchen floor with underfloor heating? Then don’t hesitate to do so! Regardless of the type of finish you prefer, bluestone is an excellent thermal conductor. That’s right, your kitchen is about to get even more inviting.


EnoPasso tiles are ideal for those who enjoy the intrinsic patina of the stone but also love mixing traditional and contemporary architectural styles. The EnoPasso tiling, as if patinated by time and soft to the touch, in dark grey to satin black, is a unique solution for designing your interior spaces with the character and refinement of old tiles.

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