A bluestone backsplash

Belgian Blue Stone: Harmony between aesthetics and practicality

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A bluestone backsplash makes for a luxurious addition to your kitchen. Moreover, bluestone is easy to maintain thanks to its natural hardness.


The countless benefits of bluestone in the kitchen

Integrating bluestone elements into your kitchen is a great idea no matter what. Next to creating a stunning look, bluestone has a natural hardness that makes it perfect for intensive daily use. For example, bluestone is an ideal material for your kitchen backsplash. Thanks to its non-porous properties, stains won’t penetrate the surface – and that means maintenance requires little time and effort on your part.

On photo: EnoPasso


Why choose Hainaut blue stone for your backsplash?

How to add bluestone to your kitchen

There are virtually endless ways of integrating bluestone into your kitchen. You can use it for the floor, as a countertop or as a backsplash. If you’re really crazy about bluestone, you can even go all-in by opting for a tone-on-tone effect where the backsplash forms an extension of the countertop. Or you can simply create a fun effect by playing with contrasts. How about combining in Dark Blue Honed backsplash with a Light Blue Honed countertop, for instance? You can also experiment with different textures and tile sizes.

Bluestone from Hainaut has all you need to create a quality interior, regardless of the style you prefer. A bluestone backsplash combines wonderfully with sleek black, white or colourful cupboards in modern kitchens, but bluestone also blends beautifully with wooden elements in Scandinavian or country-style kitchens.


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoTouch finishEnoTouch
  • Bluestone EnoPasso finishEnoPasso
  • Bluestone High Polished finishHigh Polished
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