Dimpled | Blue Limestone | Carrières du Hainaut

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1 piq small 445x245
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Put a stylish and unique semblance of order in your life decor with the ‘Dimpled’ finish from Carrières du Hainaut®, a clear grey stone with a finely picked surface. With its rough texture accentuated by sharp embossing that’s sharper than the Bush-Hammered finish which has a softer, more rounded ruggedness.

‘Fine-Grain Dimpled’ is more delicate with its small, light and tightly placed dots. ‘Coarse-Grain Dimpled’ has a coarser finish with deep and widely spaced white dots.

The ultimate non-slip stone, this finish is used for floors outside and for passage areas which require a high lever of security. ‘Dimpled’ is also the perfect finish for terraces and staircases as well as vertical applications such as original and creative wall cladding. The fine-grain version adds a unique creative touch to interior wall sections. ‘Coarse-grain Dimpled’ is exclusively used outdoors and for parking areas. More audacious, it can also be the ultimate original and creative outdoor wall cover. 

fine grain or coarse grain dimpled
light grey
sharply embossed suited for decorative applications
Minimal thickness
3 cm
Maximal thickness
30 cm
  • Tablets
  • Exterior floor
  • Exterior wall
  • Interior wall
  • Anti skid

Outside : tiling, passages, staircases, facades, waincotting and other decorative or sculpted elements.

Inside : shower walls, entrance hall wall decoration, stairwell, counters, furniture and other decorative elements.