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Urban – Making small spaces pop

Urban designers love the concrete colours and contrasting textures Bluestone from Hainaut brings to the table. Learn more about the many options available!


Organic – When nature meets nature

Did you know? Bluestone is characterized by fossilized sea lilies and available in a wide array of different, all-natural shades. A dream material for all lovers of informal, organic gardens!


Flavour – Colorful creations

Colour blocking and playing with the unique contrasts and textures of bluestone opens the door to some very interesting gardens.


Modern – Clean and linear

Both timeless and contemporary, bluestone adds endless elegance to sleek and modern gardens, patios, swimming pools, pathways, parking areas and more.


Chic – Classic contemporary

There’s nothing like refined bluestone tiles in a classic laying pattern to give upscale environments that sought-after rustic touch.