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Charleroi’s urban revitalisation: Bluestone flooring from the Carrières du Hainaut for aesthetic harmony in public spaces

24 November 2023
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Center town Charleroi Bluestone

The town of Charleroi has a rich history and a unique, ever-changing, heritage. In the heart of this metamorphosis, urban revitalisation is taking place, with particular care for the key points and public spaces that shape the town’s identity. In this quest for renewal, the bluestone flooring and renovation of the bluestone fountain are turning out to be key players, bringing a durable and elegant look.

Hainaut bluestone in various urban revitalisation projects in Charleroi 

Over the past two years, Charleroi has put into action a new bluestone flooring project. 

The figures speak volumes about the project’s magnitude:

  • 1467 m³ of 10 cm EnoLuce paving.
  • 198 m³ of EnoSkin carved stones with a thickness of 20 cm.

These products have been used to transform and embellish various spaces in the town.

One of the most remarkable transformations is that of Place Charles II, which has been renamed Place Vauban. This iconic square, home to the town hall and the Belfry of Charleroi, a UNESCO world heritage site, has been refurbished to become a landmark public space. The fountains and the symbolic patterns in the bluestone flooring make this space incomparably elegant. 

The surrounding narrow streets have also been renovated and embellished thanks to Hainaut bluestone, thus completing this impressive transformation.

Elegance and durability of bluestone paving in public spaces

The choice of bluestone flooring for these urban revitalisation projects in Charleroi is a wise decision. Our Belgian bluestone is known for its timeless beauty and resistance, making it the ideal material for public spaces that need to stand the test of time.

Integrating bluestone into public spaces makes for an elegant aesthetic, all while providing a surface that is durable, non-skid and easy to maintain. This highly elegant material blends in harmoniously with the Charleroi’s urban fabric and architecture, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Charleroi’s urban revitalisation is a testament to the town’s commitment towards creating attractive and durable public spaces, all while promoting this Belgian material. Bluestone paving contributes to the aesthetic, functionality, and renewal of these spaces, all while preserving the town’s unique charm. The end result is a town that combines elegance and practicality in an constantly evolving urban setting.

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