Sclyped | Blue Limestone | Carrières du Hainaut

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Strength and character are the two words that spring to mind when thinking of this finish with its extraordinary decorative qualities. The perfect opposite of ‘Chiselled’, the ‘Sclyped’ finish from Carrières du Hainaut® shows the authentic blue stone in its rawest state, accentuated by very thin parallel lines which give the stone a pure and regular look, and clearly show the material’s sparkles. Combined carefully with appropriate light sources,  the stone will sparkle under the indirect light.

Although fully anti-slip and ideal for outside floors, its rough yet pure character also attracts creative people who are looking to ennoble internal and external wall projects.

rough stone
dark grey
Matière brute
sparkling, rough and elegant appearance
Minimal thickness
3 cm
Maximal thickness
30 cm
  • Tablets
  • Exterior floor
  • Exterior wall
  • Interior wall
  • Anti skid

Outside :  tiling, wall base, fountains and other decorative or sculpted elements.

Inside : shower walls, wall decoration for entrance hall and stairwells, counter fronting, furniture and decorative elements