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Blue flamed

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Stylish and fashionable, ‘Blue Flamed’ is the Blue Limestone of Hainaut most trendy finsih for use near water. Its has a medium blue-grey surface features with numerous irregular white rough patches, more or less evenly distributed, lending it a charm all of its own, as well as contributing to its anti-slip properties.  

The ‘Blue Flamed finish’ is perfect for flooring both inside and outside - in busy passageways and in areas where water can make it slippy underfoot, such as entrance halls, bathrooms, staircases, swimming pool, terrace… Plus, lime and soap marks are less visible on its slightly cloudy surface, making it perfect for worktops, shower walls, pool edges… This non-porous stone is also highly resistant to frost and other weather effects, and is thus ideal for your terrace. 

medium blue grey
lightly coarse
very fashionable and particularly treasured for bathrooms, swimming pools and terraces
Minimal thickness
2 cm
Maximal thickness
30 cm
  • Tablets
  • Exterior floor
  • Exterior wall
  • Interior floor
  • Interior wall
  • Anti skid

Inside : tiling, on sideboards, worktops, vanity units, shower walls, baths and other decorative elements and interior furniture.

Outside : tiling, terrace, swimming pools, passageways, staircases, low walls, wall base, outside furniture and other decorative and sculpted elements.