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A life decor with your own personal touch

Are you a fan of contemporary interiors with refined and straight lines? Or do you prefer something cosier? Or perhaps a classic style is more suited to your taste? Whatever your style, Blue Limestone of Hainaut offers a timeless look that’s never out of fashion. And it’s perfect for all styles of interior decoration and furnishing.

A stone floor darkens over time, producing a delightful patina that simply reinforces the stone’s character and makes it even more beautiful. Use it for walls, window sills, furniture or other decorative items... play around with the wide range of finishes and sizes to create an interior with your own personal touch.

Authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut is also the perfect surround for the fire. Heat-resistant, it adds a stylish and elegant touch of class to your chimney. 



Blue Stone from Hainaut blends elegantly with decorative materials such as rough timber, glass or steel. Whether you use the Sawn, Dimpled, Dark or Light Blue Honed finishes … any one will lend your interior the authentic, contemporary or warm style you’re looking for.

Fitting blue stone in an Opus Roman pattern will enhance your living spaces, lending a dynamic feel. Play around with optical effects and natural shades which are best adapted to each of your rooms. Large, rectangular stones shall provide a contemporary cachet to your daily environment whereas smaller stones will give it a warmer feel.  

The special range of thin slabs (15 mm), DUENO, would be the ideal solution in case of renovation. For floors, previous thin covers such as carpet or tiles can either easily be replaced, or the slabs can simply be placed on top of the existing carpet or tiles.



With its unique and varied surfaces, Blue Limestone Hainaut is the perfect material to turn the subtle play of light, chiaroscuro and shadows into a permanent and never-ending spectacle. A clived stone will even more reinforce this effect.  

When placed on the wall, blue stone gives a unique character to your space. The ClivEno® strips or the inimitable EnoDesign® really comes into its own in this role.

More structured finishes, such as Fine Grained Dimpled, Chiselled or Charred  will add a unique charm to your interior. Tiles of the DUENO range are available in either rectangular or square formats, they are thinner and therefore lighter and easier to fit. 



Authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut is also the perfect surround for the fire. Heat-resistant, it adds a stylish and elegant touch of class to your chimney. From smooth to textured finishes, or ClivEno® rough-hewn strips, we have just the style to suit your requirements.

Beautifully tooled, a ClivEno® or Chiselled finish will add unique character to your fireplace and create a warm shooting effect.



Blue Limestone Hainaut is easily adaptable for a multiplicity of purposes. Use it as a decorative element, for example to enhance your furniture. Blue stone finds his way with subtleness all around your home.

Blending in perfectly with other materials helps to reinforce the subtle and delicate character of your interior design. A table completely in stone or a seating plan in a wooden or steel frame bring out strength and character.  

The Polished finish, exclusively used on window sills or furniture, will reinforce the elegance of your daily life decor. Add lightens in blue stone and transform your surrounding. 


Cleaning  tips

Cleaning tips

Blue Limestone of Hainaut is a natural living material that develops a delightful patina over time which erase all of the daily life’s trials and tribulations and reinforces its character and charm.

Use clear water for your stone’s regular clean. Should you wish to add soap, choose Marseille soap flakes type soap. In order to avoid your regular clean with soap accelerating the stone’s patina and darkening it, clean the stone from time to time with clear water or with a bit of ammonia or baking soda.

You have spilled a bit of wine or soda? No problem! There are several products, such as the Lithofin range, for natural stone which will make you quickly forget about this incident. Alternatively, place a cloth drenched in water with bleach or oxygenated water on the stain. Let the solution work a little and then rinse with water.  

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