Furniture in bluestone for your interior

Belgian Blue Stone furniture: Design and durability

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Bluestone really makes your furniture stand out

The Blue Limestone of Hainaut goes well with any interior, combining beautifully with other materials and colours. But have you ever thought about designing your furniture in bluestone? Furniture in bluestone really brings out your decorative objects.

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Unique furniture in bluestone

Would you rather avoid having the same furniture in your home that everyone else has? Then furniture in bluestone is an excellent choice. The material is so versatile that it lends itself to pretty much any form. What's more, you can also design part of your furniture in natural stone and combine it with wood, for example. How about a table or bench made entirely of stone or on a wooden or steel frame? You'll have to get used to a lot of compliments from your guests.


Bluestone furniture: smooth and pleasant to use

Furniture that you use every day need to offer a certain level of comfort. That's why the EnoTouch finish is the perfect choice for furniture. What's more, this soft, smooth, leather-like finish also looks very elegant.


Ideas for furniture in bluestone

Curious to find out about the possibilities for furniture in bluestone? Here are just a few ideas:

  • A table or tabletop in bluestone
  • A bluestone bench, built-in or free-standing
  • A bathroom cabinet or washbasin in bluestone
  • A side table or stool in bluestone
  • A built-in shelf, e.g. in the kitchen, living room or in the fireplace tiling
  • A lamp, for indoors or outdoors
  • A staircase in natural bluestone


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Sclyped finishSclyped
  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoTouch finishEnoTouch
  • Bluestone EnoLuce finishEnoLuce
  • +